Clinics & Services

In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a comprehensive range of clinics and healthcare services:

Chronic Disease Clinicsasthma_inhaler_3

Coronary Heart Disease (Chd/Ihd)

If you have heart disease our practice policy is to recall patients on a yearly basis for review. Consideration will be given to your “at risk” factors including blood pressure screening. 

Asthma/COPD Review

If you are diagnosed with asthma or COPD then our practice policy is to recall patients regularly to review their progress.

Diabetes Clinic

Your doctor will decide if you should be seen regularly at the hospital, or here at the medical centre.  It is our practice policy to recall patients regularly to review their progress.  Along with this you will also be recalled on a yearly basis to have your eyes checked.  This is normally done at the medical centre by a specialist retinal screener.

Hypertension Review

Regular reviews can be done either here at the medical centre or depending on your condition, can also be in a hospital clinic.

Epilepsy Review

Progress is reviewed on a regular basis.

Mental Health Reviews

We review on a regular basis any patients with longstanding mental health problems to keep track of their progress.

Additional Services

Ante-Natal Clinics pregnant_lady1

The practice provides full maternity and post-natal care.  During pregnancy it is important for an expectant mother to be seen regularly to ensure that both she and the baby are progressing well.   If you are pregnant you need to contact your local Midwife.

Child Health Surveillance Clincs

Children will be invited to attend for special development checks by the doctor and health visitor at 8 weeks, 8 months, 2 years and 4 years.  The health visitor will sometimes do other development checks.

Smoking Cessation

This can be done by Crimond Pharmacy.

Minor Surgery

A range of minor surgical operations (including warts) can be performed under local anaesthetic by the doctors. 

Dietetic Clinic

If a patient requires referral to the dietician owing to medical problems it is possible in some cases for the patient to be seen at our clinic here at the medical centre.

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